The infrastructure of any modern company involves networks, those being crucial for any business to operate.

Network equipment is designed to solve many tasks, from establishing local networks at the office or building level, to merging several branches into a network, improving safety and control within the network, or integration of various data transmission channels into one single network.

The roll of brands we work with has been formed over time, and we can guarantee that each of the manufacturers produces equipment that is reliable and proven by the market: switches, routers, network adapters, and other network solutions for building a strong and functional infrastructure.

One of the major hi-tech companies worldwide. The company was established in 1984, being originally dedicated exclusively to corporate routers. Nowadays, Cisco designs, manufactures, and sells network equipment intended mainly for large-scale enterprises. The company name refers to the shortened name of the city of its origin, San Francisco.

Brocade is an American company that designs and sells packaged network equipment solutions. The company was the first one in the industry to design fibre channel routers and directors.

3Com is an equipment manufacturer from the USA, established in 1979. As the official legend goes, «3Сom» stands for computers, communication, and compatibility. In 2010 the company was acquired by the Hewlett-Packard corporation.

Hewlett-Packard Company is a major provider of hardware and software for enterprises and individual consumers. Having acquired the 3Com in 2009, HP managed to enter the network equipment market. Today, the company manufactures core switches, access switches, access points, wireless access controllers, software network management systems, etc.

Juniper Networks is a company based in the USA, the biggest manufacturer of telecommunication equipment (inferior only to Cisco). It specializes in developing high-speed solutions for streaming data processing. Juniper products operate on proprietary network processors and the JUNOS operating system.

Linksys is a network equipment producer for use at home and in small enterprises. In 2003, the company was merged with the Cisco corporation, however preserving the Linksys brand name. In 2013 it was sold to the American company Belkin.

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